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bunbury city car cleaners buffing and polishing

    Bunbury’s choice for expert car cleaning

    At Bunbury City Car Cleaners, we offer expert car cleaning services for a competitive price throughout Bunbury, working with a range of customers to deliver professional results. As a leading car cleaning company in the area, we provide comprehensive car wash and detail services for our customers’ convenience. This means we’ll not only clean the exterior of your car, but will also vacuum and clean the inside of your car to ensure a complete and thorough all-round clean.

    With years of experience, we’re passionate about caring for cars and use only the best cleaning products and brands to ensure the highest quality results. 

    bunbury city car cleaners car washing

    Exterior and interior car cleaning

    The exterior of your car is constantly exposed to the elements and the paint can subsequently become faded and worn over time. At Bunbury City Car Cleaners, our experienced team will wash, polish and wax your vehicle to bring it back to its best, reviving dull bodywork and improving the overall appearance of your car. 
    bunbury city car cleaners car vacuum

    Our exterior services include:

    • Car washing
    • Polishing/buffing
    • Waxing

    We can also bring the same attention to detail to the interior of your car, which is subjected to just as much wear and tear on a daily basis. 

    bunbury city car cleaners car interior services

    Our interior services include:

    • Vacuuming
    • Thorough shampooing of car seats and fabrics
    • Fabric protection services
    • Cleaning the car floor, passenger compartment, dash area and all panels

    Using the best quality cleaning products, our professional team will transform the appearance of your car in no time, restoring its lustre and shine. With competitive prices and friendly services guaranteed, you can rest assured that when you come to Bunbury City Car Cleaners, you’ll always get the very best deal.

    Call us today on 08 9721 8649 for more information about our expert car cleaning services in Bunbury.

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